Drop Zone

Where your dream takes shape

In order the experience in the air to be perfect, the place where you start from and where you land needs to be up to it.
In other words, the Drop Zone needs to be really efficient.

How is ours? First of all, the context is remarkable: we are at the feet of the Alps, near the city of Vicenza, to be precise inside the Ferrarin Airport in Thiene. Let’s go more into details: in addition to a spacious and heated hangar, in our Drop Zone you will find all the necessary for an expert or beginner skydiver (and for the people who accompany them, too).

SMg-92 TurboFinist

Gaining altitude in few minutes!

The aircraft we use to transport our skydivers is an 11 seat model (pilot seat included) that can take you to an altitude of 4,500 m in a very short time. TurboFInist has great STOL capacities (Short Take-Off and Landing, a term used for aircrafts that can land on short landing strips).

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Get ready for the jump

To make you learn the aircraft exit technique, we make you try it on the ground, in our simulator: you will try to jump from the door before gaining altitude. In this way, in flight you will have to think only about having fun!



Our riggers, authorized by ENAC, pack and inspect regularly the reserve canopy, thus ensuring that all the components of the parachute are always in optimal conditions.


Spacious and air-conditioned, our hangar is the core of the Drop Zone: this is where you will get ready for the jump and you will share feelings and emotions together with other people with your same passion for flying.

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For those who want to prolong and enrich their experience, our Drop Zone includes several bunk houses and a camping area. Furthermore, an excellent restaurant is available within the airport area.

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External Area

To relax before and after a jump, to meet and share your experience with other skydivers, or, if you have just accompanied someone and you wish to have some fun while skydivers are getting ready to jump, Skydive Thiene offers also a barbecue area and a swimming pool.