Frequent questions

Do you still have some doubts? Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. This way you’ll be prepared for the jump and this will not be a…leap into the void!

In which days are jumps scheduled?

All the weekends starting from Friday afternoon and non-working days and, upon requests, all the days of the week. Follow our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the opening days.

How much does the membership cost?

Annual membership for ordinary members of A.S. Skydive Thiene: 60€ With CONI affiliation
Annual membership for associate members of A.S. Skydive Thiene: 5€

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket ordinary member Fl 145 (4300m-4500m): 27€
Ticket associate member Fl 145 (4300m-4500m): 32€

How much do ticket packages cost?

Jump packages (only ordinary members):
100 jumps: 24€/jump
50 jumps: 25€/jump
25 jumps: 26€/jump
(tickets are personal and not transferable)

Is it possible to jump from 6,000 m? How much does it cost?

We organize take-offs at a height of Fl 200 - 6,000 m (No. 2 Tickets)

How much does a tandem jump cost?

Tandem Jump: 180€

Additional Digital Tandem Video: 50€

How much does the AFF course cost?

Full AFF course (Registration + Lessons + 7 Jumps): 1,500€
Basic AFF course (Registration + Lessons and First Level,1st Jump): 680€
AFF course 2nd and 3rd level: 170€/level
AFF course 4th to 7th level: 120€/level
Repetition of levels 1 to 3: 140€
Repetition of levels 4 to 7: 90€

How much does the Static Line course cost?

This type of course is suspended

How much does a flight as passenger cost?

Flight as passenger: 32€

How much does it cost to rent the material?

Equipment rental for beginners and experts, ordinary members: 10€
Equipment rental for beginners and experts, associate members: 15€

How much does the packing of materials cost?

Packing for beginners and experts: 5€