Tandem jump? Course? Flight as passenger? With us you may live different yet thrilling flying experiences. This is what we offer to those who are tired of keeping their feet on the ground:

Registration to the Association

Annual membership for ordinary members of A.S. Skydive Thiene: 60€ With CONI affiliation
Annual membership for associate members of A.S. Skydive Thiene: 5€


Ticket ordinary member FL145 (4300m-4500m): 27€
Ticket associate member FL 145 (4300m-4500m): 32€

Ticket Packages

Jump package (ordinary member only):
100 jumps: € 24 / jump
50 jumps: € 25 / jump
25 jumps: € 26 / jump
(tickets are personal and not transferable)

Tandem Jump

Tandem Jump: 180€

Additional Digital Tandem Video: 50€

AFF course

Full AFF course (Registration + Lessons + 7 Jumps): 1,500€
Basic AFF course (Registration + Lessons and First Level,1st Jump): 680€
AFF course 2nd and 3rd level: 170€/level
AFF course 4th to 7th level: 120€/level
Repetition of levels 1 to 3: 140€
Repetition of levels 4 to 7: 90€

Air Tour

Flight as passenger: € 32,00

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental for beginners and experts, ordinary members: 10€
Equipment rental for beginners and experts, associate members: 15€

Packing of the materials

Packing for beginners and experts: 5€

The costs of the flights indicated are intended as reimbursement of expenses for the activity carried out in the association context of the A.S. Skydive Thiene association.