Learn to fly

Opening your arms as if they were wings, floating in the air, learning to have full control of your body. In just one word: flying.

Is your dream to become a real skydiver and experience the thrill of solo flying? It’s easier than you might think, with the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) courses held by our instructors. In 7 steps (and only one weekend) you can get the qualification to jump autonomously. Then, if you wish, you can continue your training by obtaining the ENAC license.

*The qualification gives additional score for competitions organized by the Armed Forces.


In our classroom you will learn the theoretical concepts necessary to prepare for the practical test. Our video stations will enable you to view all your jumps and analyze, with your instructor, the mistakes you might have made. In this way you will improve and, above all, you will be ready for the following step!

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Before you put into practice the theoretical concepts, we let you try to exit from the door of our simulator, a copy of the airplane cockpit. Your instructor will show you the right technique, so that when you’re in the air you already know what to do!



AFF is a teaching method conceived to bring the wannabe skydiver to be autonomous quickly and in complete safety, always under the constant supervision of the instructors. The course is divided into 7 levels and is based on a method that reduces learning times while increasing the safety factors connected to the correct performance of the jump.

After having learned the theoretical concepts, the “student” is immediately put in condition to experience the free fall from 4,500 m solo, still being supported and followed by two instructors. In only one weekend you can face all the levels (after passing each one of them).

Each new level corresponds to a decrease of instructors’ intervention; after passing the 7th level, you will have full control of the free fall.

Levels 1 - 3

In the first three levels you will learn to gain confidence with the jump technique and you will perform the first exercises to maintain stability during the fall. You will land with your own parachute since the beginning, radio-guided by instructors.

Levels 4 - 6

You will jump followed by the instructor. In all the three levels you will make some exercises to gain more precision.

Levels 7

Your last jump, the first one in complete autonomy: in the 7th level you will put into practice all the things you have learned in the previous steps and you will enjoy the feeling of being a real skydiver.

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Each launch is filmed and viewed by the wannabe skydiver together with instructors. In this way you don’t only have the chance to relive the emotions of flying, but you will also understand what you did wrong to make better the next jump.


Here are some practical details: this is what you need for the course:

Medical certificate: you will have to make a medical examination (from accredited doctors) certifying your eligibility for skydiving.

RC insurance: you can take out insurance here.

Equipment: to take the course you will not have to buy the equipment needed for the jump, we will provide you with everything.


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