Flying professionals

Our staff includes several professionals that manage each phase of the jump, from the training before the jump to the rigging of the parachute. Pilots, instructors, riggers will help you live the flying experience in the best possible way!


Giovanni Zanon Giovanni Zanon School Director
I.P.S. - D.L. - A.F.F. - Video


Gino Fochesato Gino Fochesato Pilot in Command
Instructor ANPd'I - D.L. - P.T.
GianLuca Marchioro GianLuca Marchioro Pilot in Command
Dieter Comploj Purger Dieter Comploj Purger - D.L. - A.F.F. - P.T.
Pilot in Command
Marco Babolin Marco Babolin Pilot in Command
Massimo Gasparin Massimo Gasparin Pilot in Command


Munaro Giuseppe Munaro Giuseppe I.P.S. - D.L.
Armido Maran “Army” Armido Maran “Army” I.P. - P.T.
A.F.F. - Video
Fabio Lorenzetti “Lorenz” Fabio Lorenzetti “Lorenz” I.P. - D.L. - A.F.F.
RW Competitor "Ex3mo
RW4 Team"
Roberto “Robi” Bordin Roberto “Robi” Bordin I.P. - P.T. - A.F.F. - Video
Attilio Traverso Attilio Traverso D.L. - Video
Antonio Bressan "Tombi" Antonio Bressan "Tombi" D.L. - P.T.
Enrico Zulian "Rico" Enrico Zulian "Rico" Video
Valentina Guidi "Vale" Valentina Guidi "Vale" Video


Annalisa Piva Annalisa Piva Rigger