Skydiving for all

Everybody can live the flying experience, even those who have never rode a roller coaster! The best way to face the first jump with parachute is tandem jump: thanks to a special harness, you will jump attached to an instructor.

You will need only 15 minutes training to get ready for the launch, a real jump from 4,500 of altitude, when you will enjoy the thrill of free fall, then you will try to drive the parachute making turns, spirals and movements. If you wish, we will film your experience and you will always have a video and some images to show to your friends or to watch and relive those magic moments.

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A moment of hesitation is normal: after all, you’re jumping from 4,500 m! If you really don't feel like it, you can always back off, even at the last moment, but it is very difficult that this happens: the desire to jump always exceeds fear!

To allay your fears, the guarantee of the highest safety standards and a certainty: the flying experience gives adrenaline, this is certain, but also a great sense of freedom and inner peace. You will not feel a sense of vertigo, but only a great desire to continue flying!


In addition to the desire of having fun, this is what you will need to live the flying experience in the best way:

Clothing: you do not need special clothing, just wear something comfortable and not bulky, and sneakers. We provide the specific equipment.

Insurance: no insurance is required for tandem jump.

Medical certificate: you will not need it. However, we advise you to consult your doctor before jumping, especially if you have any doubts about your health.


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